Coronavirus, speed limits come to Mt. City

Mountain City has a 9th case of coronavirus.  Still, only one has recovered. Sadly, two in Mountain City did not survive.

The temporary speed limit radar signs in Mountain City are on loan from the county. All roads in Mountain City, with the exception of 2770, have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour.

The Smiths on Pin Oak Court are this week’s honorees for Yard of the Week.

In Monday night’s city council meeting it was mentioned that it’s probable the city will return to annual Limb Days and Dumpster Days. Both are in the budget for the coming year.

Did you notice Mountain City’s income from sales tax in last week’s paper? Already it’s more than $17,000 for 2020. This comes primarily from the small percent the city receives from state sales tax on online purchases.  The 2019 State Legislature enacted a law requiring virtually all out of state online sellers to collect sales tax. And, we are making more purchases as we’re staying home.

Once a business comes in on the other side of FM 2770, sales tax income will skyrocket. The strip of land in Mountain City that’s directly across FM 2770 is zoned commercial.

Most if not all of Mountain City’s male Painted Bunting visitors have headed south towards Mexico and Central America.  Soon hummingbirds will buzz through during their southward migration.

Keep hummer feeders fresh year-round. Mountain City usually hosts some Rufous Hummingbirds for non-breeding season.

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