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The danger of a weak, silent senator

So, image you’re stranded in a lifeboat, you, Donald Trump and John Cornyn, and food’s running out. Who do you think will be first thrown overboard? You can’t count on John Cornyn. He’ll be huddled down bailing water to keep Trump’s porcine feet dry. Cornyn will undermine the nation’s beloved Postal Service if that’s what the man wants of him. He’ll slow down testing and ignore science as a virus spreads, killing hundreds of Americans daily, over 170,000 so far, while Hays County becomes a major hotspot, a 35-times uptick in three months (Austin-American Statesman). He’ll abandon desperate out-of-work families without a cent of federal help. He’ll stay silent as Trump brags about a love affair with a Russia dictator while allowing bounties on American soldiers. And he’ll vote to cancel healthcare for millions of men, women and children in the middle of a pandemic.

“Big John” his ads say, but when it comes to things that matter, like integrity, empathy and courage, there is nothing big about him. If you don’t believe this, watch his blank face, listen to what he doesn’t say.

Jerry Whitus
San Marcos

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