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No National Night Out this October

Congratulations to The Hallams on Maple, this week’s recipient of the Lawn of the Week Award from Loving Mountain City.

Loving Mountain City’s annual Garage Sale Day is Saturday, Sept. 12, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. “Time to purge, visit with your neighbors and make a little money. Please make sure to wear your mask and practice social distancing.”

Sheriff Gary Cutler cancelled this year’s Neighbor Night Out gatherings, scheduled for the first Tuesday evening in October, shortly after Mountain City printed postcards with a reminder of upcoming dates. The cancelled event is a night that enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing a sense of true community.

A way to connect with law enforcement is by downloading the new free Hays County Sheriff’s app. It’s available in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

RonTom and I reconnected with Philip and Elaine Kiernan through a social-distanced lunch at their home in Phoenix, literally on the Scottsdale boundary line. We were in Arizona on the first of a series of trips celebrating our 49th on Dec. 11.

Philip and Elaine moved from the end of Live Oak Drive in April and found their new home, within a few minutes of his children, by the end of the month. They send greetings back to Mountain City. Elaine especially misses the ladies who monthly play Bunco.

KissMe, Our Great White Hunter with Red Spots, gave Bridget Garraway quite the scare during her stay with him while we were away. KissMe tangled with a Giant Texas Red-headed Centipede.

During KissMe Care Orientation, I showed Bridget the professional snake snarer (obtained from Brent Ormand) I gave to RonTom for Dad’s Day. She sent a photo of the giant centipede dangling from the grasp of the giant purple tongs. I forgot to tell Bridget to a grab water hose to get KissMe out of the way if she needed the snarer. What an adventure KissMe brought her way. She sent the following message.

“Hi Mis. Pauline, it’s Bridget – heard Kissme barking outside and went out to look and he was fighting with this centipede, I ran inside to grab that thing to catch snakes so I could pick it up, and when I did Kissme bit the centipede and it looked like it got his nose. I got rid of the centipede and am going to call Rosebrock, just to see what to do – Kissme isn’t acting like he’s in pain, and I don’t see any swelling, but it just happened so I’m keeping my eye out. Just wanted to update you, I will let you know what the vet says.”

Dr. Bob’s office counseled, “Give KissMe a Benadryl.” Not long afterward, Bridget sent a photo of KissMe sleeping. All was well.

I kid you not, we were watching Call of the Wild from our hotel room that afternoon. RonTom came home calling KissMe “Buck.”

What anecdote to you have that’s connected in some way to Mountain City? Please share. Thanks! Love to you, Pauline

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