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Helm never presented required document for county approval

By Anita Miller

WIMBERLEY – Former Precinct 3 Constable Ray Helm had an acknowledged “problem” with paperwork.
In fact, it was his falsifying records related to Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCLOSE) training that led to his resignation earlier this summer.

As of July 31, Helm also surrendered his peace officer certification to avoid prosecution on a number of charges. Helm had earlier misrepresented figures in a required racial profiling report he presented to the Hays County Commissioners Court.

After his resignation, the court replaced him in the interim and on the Nov. 3 ballot with former sheriff Don Montague, who was a Democrat when elected as the county’s top cop before switching parties at his retirement.
In addition to taking over running the constable’ office, Montague is now having to clean up some paperwork that Helm left undone.

Montague told the Hays Free Press/News-Dispatch last week that he is currently looking into the status of interlocal agreements. One of them appears to be the very document that allowed his office to operate within the city of Wimberley.

Hays County General Counsel Mark Kennedy said, in response to an open records request, no renewal of the agreement, which expired on Sept. 30, 2019, was ever presented to the commissioners court, even though the city of Wimberley brought a renewal to the city council.

“However, then-constable Helm did not bring the contract to commissioners court for approval and execution,” wrote Jordan M. Powell, assistant general counsel.

Records show that renewal of the agreement came before the Wimberley City Council Jan. 16 of this year and it was approved unanimously. The renewal was executed by the city of Wimberley on May 1. According to the agreement, the constable agreed to provide “full-time traffic-related law enforcement and general peace-keeping services within the city limits” for 40 hours each week. The city agreed to payments of $21,078.75 per quarter.

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