Kyle to form ad hoc committee for renaming of Rebel Drive

By Megan Wehring

KYLE – Renaming Rebel Drive might be one step closer as the Kyle City Council approved an ordinance to remove the name during the second reading on Sept. 1.

With a 6-1 vote, with Mayor Travis Mitchell voting against, a resolution was also approved to create an ad hoc committee that will rename a portion of the road. Until a new name is chosen, the road will be designated as West Ranch to Market 150. The committee will be composed of seven citizens and two staff liaisons.

“I think the residents obviously care very much for the name of this road and what it will be,” council member Dex Ellison said. “I am in no objection to them being able to participate and come up with a name.”

Also on the agenda was an item to name the city’s pool for former Mayor James Adkins. Mitchell questioned whether forming a committee of residents for this agenda item would also be appropriate, as a committee was formed for renaming Rebel Drive.

Councilmember Tracy Scheel said that renaming Rebel Drive had more disapproval associated with it.

“… I didn’t … get any response or objection to it being named that by any citizen via email, social media or anything,” Scheel said. “I don’t think the public outcry for renaming the pool is quite the same as this particular item,” she said, referring to renaming Rebel Drive.

Voting against the ad hoc committee agenda item, Mitchell said he believes the timing doesn’t seem right to form a committee for renaming the road.

“If it was up to me, the decision to actually give it an affirmative name at this point with everything that has happened would be down further down the road,” Mitchell said.

Ellison said forming the committee is one step closer to creating an inclusive environment for all Kyle residents.

“It’s about living in a community where everybody can feel welcome and not feel like perhaps you’re not wanted in that community,” Ellison said. “I hope residents do apply, participate and we can move forward with something that is inclusive and the community can be proud of.”

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