They make how much? A look at county pay

If there’s a wonky bone in your body, you’ll want to look at the latest figures reported to the Texas Association of Counties (TAC).

Every two years, TAC gathers county officials’ salaries, and those salaries are now available.

Go to this website, as it is a bit difficult to find. But after digging around a lot, here’s the site:

You’d think that the salaries of county officials might follow a trend, increasing as the population increases.

And that, in general is true.

But the smallest county in Texas, reporting a population of 169, has a huge budget and great salaries – if you can stay elected in that county.

Loving County is just north of Pecos and is oil rich. According to county reports, there are 10 times as many oil wells in that county as there are people.

The county seat is Mentone, just a blip in the road. You really would miss it if you were not looking.

The county judge there, according to TAC, receives $123,245, including salary, supplements and travel budget. Compare that to Hays County, where here the county judge makes $128,705 with all benefits.

The report goes on to list what commissioners, treasurer, attorneys, county and district clerks, auditors and sheriffs make.

It’s interesting reading. Here’s just a few counties’ salaries taken from the report.


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