Late September recommended for getting flu shots

Sahar Chmais 

Texans can begin getting their influenza vaccines and are recommended to do so by pharmacists, doctors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Tammy Gray, pharmacist at Buda Drug Store and Soda Fountain, recommends that Texans get their shots no earlier than late September. 

Flu season hits different parts of the country at different intervals. Even though some pharmacies began giving the flu vaccine for 2020 in August, Gray says it is best to wait until late September because Texas experiences the virus a little later than say, the state of Michigan. 

“We want the vaccine’s immunity to last all the way into March of next year,” Gray told the Hays Free Press. “The immunity typically is good for about six months; after that, it is questionable how much immunity is left.” 

Gray worries that those who got their shot in August will not be covered through the entirety of the flu season.  

John Anderson, pharmacist at B&J Pharmacy and Wimberley Pharmacy, said people should get their vaccine when it is out, which is typically in mid to late September, but it is always best to follow doctor’s recommendations. 

So far, the Southern Hemisphere has not felt a strong wave of the flu, said Anderson, which he attributes to all the social distancing and mask wearing. He said he hopes these practices will help throughout the entire flu season. 

Some other methods people can use to boost their immunity during the season is taking Vitamins C and D because they will help with viral infections, Anderson added. 

As a further safety measure, many pharmacies, including Gray and Anderson’s, offer curbside flu shots. A patient just lets the pharmacy know they would like to get their shot in their vehicle and will receive assistance accordingly. 

There has not been a big request for curbside shots, but some people have used this service. 

In these last seven months, the coronavirus has shaped many aspects of people’s lives, and it seems that the flu is not exempt from the rule. 

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