Family loses two young girls in murder/suicide

by Anita Miller

SAN MARCOS — A GoFundMe account set up on behalf of the family of two young girls who were killed late last month by their non-custodial father is continuing to grow.

As of midmorning on Sept. 22, $1,955 had been pledged out of a requested $15,000 for the family of Halie Engleman, whose two-year-old Amyah and six-month-old Caraline were found dead under a tarp in the family’s yard off Boulder Bluff in northwest San Marcos on Aug. 27. The body of their father, 30-year-old Kyle Brandon Grieb, was nearby. All had gunshot wounds to the head.

Engleman told officers that Grieb had spent the night at the home the night before and had told her he intended to take the girls.

When she woke the next morning she could not find them and when she asked him, he pointed to the bathroom, but they weren’t there.

She went outside to look for them, but when she came back inside Grieb was gone.

She called authorities and deputies responded to the child custody call around 10:10 a.m. While deputies were speaking with her, other family members arrived and the deputy overheard one of them say, “there’s a body out there.” The deputy then located Grieb’s body and called for backup.

The bodies of both girls were also under the tarp with “obvious gunshot wounds to the head.”

A search warrant was secured for area inside and outside the house on the basis that Grieb had committed capital murder.

Two girls, 6-year-old Evelyn and 4-year-old Melody, survive.

Promiseland Church pastor Erica Steele, who initiated the gofundme account, said if the full $15,000 is raised it will be a start, though more is needed.

The requested amount “will be sufficient to get (Halie) a used car and some very basic supplies,” Steele said. “It’s something to get her on her feet. It’s obviously not a longterm solution. She’s going to have to get work of some kind.”

For the time being, Steele said the family is living in an RV that belongs to a church member who frequently loans it to single mothers in crisis needing to get back on their feet. “It has a couple of beds and a fridge. It can help them transition for the next month or two until we can find her some place to go.”

Before any of that can happen, Steele said Engleman needs a vehicle and a current drivers license.

Although she was the midwife when Amyah was born, Steele said her interaction with the family was sporadic and that Kyle Grieb was seldom around. “I met him toward the end of her pregnancy. He was very quiet and reserved. He was definitely not very present. He was not around for a majority of her prenatal care.

They did not attend Promiseland. “We just kind of reached out to support them.”

Attorney Chevo Pastrano, who is working with the family, said the medical examiner has not yet released the girls’ bodies. “Law enforcement is still crossing their “t”s and dotting their “i’s,” he said.

Pastrano said when the girls can be buried, the Attorney General’s Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund will assist with services.

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