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The lies
How much more can the American people take of the lies and propaganda that is thrown out to us every day on the news and by the corrupt Democrats?
We have lost over 200,000 brave Americans to the coronavirus and that is a tragedy. How about the 606,520 Americans that die to cancer every year? Or the 655,000 who die from heart disease, 1 in every 4 deaths? That is not repeated every night on the national news. Every citizen should be concerned with these statistics and deaths too.
The American people need to hear the truth and stop being lied to by the media and the corrupt politicians who can’t stand our President and have been after him since the day he was elected. He is not a part of their “country club” nor their swamp.
Voters wake up before it is too late on Nov. 3rd and as many do their early voting. The Deep State wants to take over our nation. If they do, we will lose our freedoms and become like Venezuela, China, North Korea, and socialist countries. Don’t forget that the Clintons, the Obamas, George Soros and Joe Biden and his family have big connections and money tied into China. It is to their advantage that Trump loses this election.
God Bless America and keep us safe.
A concerned and fed up American who wants our country to stay free,
Renee S. Hill

We need poetry
Thirteen years ago I came to this romantic town. Less homes were around, less children in school, and I remember the day I read your paper for the first time. It became an extension of the poems that keep coming to my hands and then my hands to paste them on white papers by the pencil held by my hand. I even remember writing to you all and telling you around 2007 (maybe 2008) how your paper brought me the nostalgia of a poetic town. I believe I wrote a little more than one sentence and you even called me to ask me permission to post my thoughts in an advertisement for the Hays Free Press. I remember seeing my thoughts on your paper and how it fed those little poets who live inside my brain.
I confess I left you all a few years ago and disappeared among all my poetic friends.
I received today those pages again and loudly your paper woke the little poets and now their voices have enslaved my hands again.
Today, I have subscribed to you again my old loyal friend and I wish for my poets to keep their spirits loyal to your paper. I love those who dare to write and who dare to return and who makes you stronger as you have always been.
And I think I remember a place on your pages where you asked for ideas or news to write. May I wake your poets in your press rooms and beg you to find many more romantics, dreamers and poets who live in our area and begin a column of many writers who are hiding behind the nights. Ask the people to submit their thoughts, poems, dreams, stories even drawings or paintings if they dare and you may dedicate a page a week to those of us who need to remember, perhaps cry, dream, or scream and fall and sleep eternally on that page. Be the ones who wake us and give us a chance to whisper on one page of your home. Bring the poetry and art so much needed in our towns that can take us back to so many decades ago and be able to listen to the ghosts who still walk on our streets.
Thank you,
Eduardo Mena
(Publisher’s Note: We welcome expressions of poetry and art and will again be placing those online and in the newspaper, as space allows.)

Dear Mr. Villalobos,
In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, it is imperative that law enforcement officers of the highest honesty and integrity be hired to serve the citizens of Hays County. For the sake of transparency, I am asking if you would respond to the following concerns I share with many of my neighbors about your candidacy for Hays County Sheriff:
On 2/5/2020, you were asked about a “Brady List” at a candidate’s forum in Wimberley. You stated there was no Brady List – i.e., database of “bad cops” – in Hays County. However, you referred to a “39.14 Non-Disclosure list.” What did you mean by that?
On 3/12/2020, you were sworn in as a Precinct 3 reserve Deputy Constable. Numerous serious allegations have since been made by a retired sergeant who trained you in this role. The allegations include running names involved in a federal criminal case against your brother through the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS), a violation of State law. You allegedly lied about having done so when confronted. This same officer alleged you also altered government documents regarding employment. Since then, your personnel file has gone missing. Where is that file?
When these concerns were addressed in court, Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra stated he diligently investigated your background, although I am not aware that Becerra is qualified as an investigator. During your response time, you did not deny the allegations.
I am asking these questions now in this public forum, as a voter who is married to a Hays County Deputy who has served under five different Hays County Sheriffs: Is there a Brady List being kept in Hays County? Are you on the Brady/39.14 Non-Disclosure list? Did you use your position as a peace officer to illegally obtain information through TLETS for your brother’s federal criminal prosecution? Did you alter or are you aware that any government records regarding employment were altered on your behalf? Finally, where is your personnel file? Would you be you willing to restore all missing personnel information for the record?
I hope you will consider answering these questions for the voters who must make an important choice for Sheriff in November. If you have nothing to hide, I’m sure you would be happy to respond clearly and honestly to these concerns.
Sheila Wray
A Concerned Voter and Wife of a Hays County Deputy

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