Roll over

I’ve never told this story, and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

My dog, Goldie, sometimes finds ways to get out and run around. That is not at all unusual. One time, however, she ran into a pack of dogs who started a fight with her. I was a stunned onlooker. She fought for a short while, then retreated inside our garage with the dogs chasing her.

What happened next was startling. In the middle of this fight, she rolled over. She presented herself completely at their mercy. It was not lost on me that what she did was the “Christian thing to do.” I’m sure she was not thinking that. She maybe thought,“if I roll over, maybe they’ll stop biting me.”

Whatever she thought, I stepped forward, called for her to come to me in as forceful a voice as I could muster. And she came! I scared the other dogs off, and we went home, shaken, but unbowed.

The Senate has a decision to make about who is to replace the great Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Of course, Trump wants it done right away. But at least two Senate Republicans want to wait for the election results in November before they take a vote.

You recall, of course, when the roles were reversed, and Obama wanted to name a Supreme Court Justice during the last year of his term, Old ‘Ditch’ Mitch McConnel refused to hear it deciding instead to wait for the election results.

I thought, sure, it was a decision he would regret because Mrs. Clinton seemed inevitable. But we all know what happened then and look where we are now.

If ‘Ditch’ Mitch takes the vote and those defectors ‘stick to their guns’ it would not only be a defeat for Trump. It would be an embarrassment for McConnel.

So, I’m asking Mitch to “roll over,” to leave the fight for another day. Someone recently said that Biden could win the popular vote by eight million votes and still lose the election, (God, I hope not). But, it could happen.
For all the stuff he has pulled, I think Mitch McConnel is one of the worst Senate Majority leaders in modern political history. But with this one “Rollover” he could go down as one of the best. It won’t happen, but a boy can dream can’t he?

Mark W Stoub, is an award winning author of the forthcoming memoir, “A Vagabond Pastor: Lost and Learning to Love it.”

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