Uber $3.14 program launches today in Kyle

By Megan Wehring 

KYLE — Transportation for Kyle residents just became a little easier. The city of Kyle is launching the Uber $3.14 program in hopes of providing more flexible transportation within the city limits. 

Originally set for early August, the program is launching two months later. Riders will be issued a monthly voucher that is valid for eight one-way trips through the city’s mobile app. Riders will be expected to pay the first $3.14 of a trip and the city will subsidize up to $10 after that. 

“I think this is a great partnership,” Dex Ellison, member of Kyle City Council, said. “I think this is going to be a program and an asset to our city for many to use. We are going to learn a lot from this. But I think this is a great way to move our city forward and getting people around the city for their various needs and services.”

Jerry Hendrix, chief of staff, said the transportation service will benefit both residents and visitors in Kyle. 

“You can start anywhere, go anywhere, you just can’t leave,” Hendrix said. “It’s going to be a really great amenity for people in Kyle. You don’t have to live here to use it either. You just have to be 18 years old and be in Kyle.” 

The program will accommodate people with disabilities. Uber offers vehicles that are wheelchair accessible as long as the rider chooses the UberWAV option on the app. The app is also compatible to help a person with hearing loss or those who are visually impaired. 

Christopher Pangilinan, who oversees public transportation at Uber, said the city of Kyle is doing more than just providing a rideshare program to their residents.

“We always look at public transportation as a connector for people to bring them to social and economic opportunities and really give them freedom to explore their cities,” Pangilinan said. 

Safety is top priority when utilizing a transportation or rideshare program like Uber. Riders are highly encouraged to follow these safety tips: stand in the designated pickup location, observe surroundings and remain cautious; never get in a car with someone that claims to be an Uber driver without asking for identification. 

Operations will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information about the Uber Kyle $3.14 program, please visit: https://www.cityofkyle.com/communications/uber-kyle-314

For more information about Uber’s COVID-19 protocols, please visit: https://www.uber.com/us/en/coronavirus/

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