Devin Wade Cunningham

On September 27, 2020, a beautiful Sunday morning, Devin Wade Cunningham, loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, and friend, passed away at age 29. Devin was born on January 30, 1991, in San Antonio, TX to Dr. Sidney and Rosemarie Cunningham. He was very much loved by his grandparents Kirk (deceased) and Mary Cunningham and Roger and Minerva Santos (both deceased).

Devin grew up with his siblings, Landon and Sydney, in Buda, TX. Devin was a beautiful child who would light up a room with his easy smile, untamed curls, and raspy voice.

Devin loved his family and cherished the time he had with them. He spent a lot of time reminiscing about camping trips to Chalk Bluff, with the Santos side of his family, including his loving uncles and aunts Roger (Sallye), Norma, and Eddie (Cathy). He and his siblings and cousins Nick, Serena, Marcus, Sean, Tiffany, and Trista would go on day-long adventures while creating mayhem. Building campfires after a long day playing in the Nueces River were some of his treasured memories. The Cunningham family also got to experience the fun and beauty at Chalk Bluff! Whether it was loading up our favorite traveling vehicles – Sid’s black Excursion and Roger’s white Excursion – and heading for beach time at South Padre Island, or Port Aransas, or mountain time in Taos, or snorkeling in Akumal, Devin was all in for these family experiences.

Devin also loved going to visit his Grandpa Kirk, Grandma Mary, and Aunt Alice (Sid’s sister) and Uncle Jim in the Dallas area. He really enjoyed going to see Grandma Mary on her birthdays and was able to spend her 91st with her. She is now 93. He would spend hours talking to her. She recalls watching Devin play soccer when he was young. On one trip, he went alone and stayed 2 ½ weeks with his Aunt Alice and Uncle Jim. He enjoyed taking the train to Dealey Plaza, where President Kennedy was shot. Robert Groden (who wrote a book about the Kennedy assassination) was there, and Devin was excited to talk with him and have his book autographed. Later that week, when visiting Lake Winnsboro with his Aunt Alice, they spent 16-20 hours watching videos about the Kennedy assassination a neighbor had loaned them. He enjoyed hiking nature trails, state parks, and visiting Tiger Creek, where several tigers Michael Jackson owned resided. He enjoyed fishing, both day and night, where they caught lots and lots of fish! He also met a neighbor who had a large garden. He took a notebook and wrote down everything he could think of to ask and, upon returning home, planted his own garden. When Devin was younger, both his Uncle Jim and Aunt Alice would let him first drive in their laps, and later, let him drive their cars in the country. He was a cautious driver! Several years ago, Devin and his family went on a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida, with Alice and Jim. He often talked about wanting to go back. Devin spent many hours texting and talking to his Aunt Alice over the years. They had silly conversations, to deep conversations, to conversations over Alice’s head, as Devin had a genius intelligence level. In all of those texts and conversations, one thing was always consistent. Devin always told her how much he loved all of his family, and that family was the most important thing to him. Devin also enjoyed spending time with his Aunt Rebecca (Sid’s sister) and her husband, Michael, and his cousin, Scott. He would say that he liked playing with Scott and his cousin Bryan (deceased) when they were little.

Devin also loved the holidays … Christmas Eve, when his parents, aunts, and uncles would elaborately set the stage for Santa to arrive and capture the moment on video would mesmerize him. The other children were unsuccessful at catching Santa (Uncle Eddie) coming down the chimney, no matter how hard they tried. Another of his favorite holidays was Halloween. Finding the perfect costume, attending the legendary Ross Halloween Party with his great friends, and trick or treating in Leisurewoods was definitely something that he looked forward to each year.
Playing soccer was a passion for Devin. He enjoyed the camaraderie of all of his teammates and the instruction and guidance of his long-time coach Charlie Ross, who was a great mentor and inspiration to Devin. Devin’s mom was his biggest fan and loved running up and down the field, cheering him on! In addition, Devin was very proud to be a Cub Scout with Chrissy Ross as his leader, where he spent time with buddies, went on campouts, and worked hard at earning badges. Devin ultimately received his Arrow of Light. Devin also loved to play video games and made friends all over the world he played with. He also had a knack for the stock market and loved trading penny stocks.

Devin shared the love of many things with his best friend, his father. More recently, they would spend hours in the evenings listening and sharing their favorite musicians, including Jackson Browne and John Denver. Devin was a very, very smart, and deep thinker. Sid and Devin could spend hours contemplating astronomy and exploring their thoughts on life in general. He always said that he had the best dad in the world. Devin was very intuitive and special. He and his father had a special bond. Devin understood the great mystery of life and the universe, which we all have contemplated. His father stated, without reservation, that Devin somehow understood the complex and deep mystery of life.

Our last time all together was the happy day when we welcomed his sister-in-law, Jadyn, into our family at Ruby Ranch Lodge, and this is the same place where we will celebrate Devin’s life.

Devin was such a sentimental and kind person. All of Devin’s family loved him immensely, and he will be greatly missed.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to Great Oaks Recovery Center, 11210 FM 102, Egypt, Texas 77436 or PAWS of Central Texas, 500 E. FM 150, Kyle, TX 78610.

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