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The Truth
response to 9/30 letter from Renee Hill

I too am a “concerned and fed up American” who wants our country to remain free, but contrary to Renee Hill’s unfounded conspiracy theories about “The Deep State,” my husband and I are doing all we can to save our country from Trump’s administration by voting for Democratic candidates.

My husband was an officer in the U.S. Army. My son is a member of the Army National Guard and served his country at Camp Warhorse during the Iraq War. I worked in federal and state law enforcement for 40 years. We are a middle-income family who believes in law and order with justice, equal opportunities for all people, protecting our environment, building a stronger and fairer economy, and affordable health care.

Ms. Hill’s comparisons of the 200,000 deaths due to the Covid-19 pandemic with statistics for cancer and heart disease ignores the simple fact that those illnesses cannot be spread from person to person. There simply is no way to get the president’s supporters to listen to public health officials or scientists specially trained to understand the threat posed by this novel corona virus, because their great leader calls it fake news.

In fact, it is a no-win tactic to point out facts, such as Trump being the one kowtowing to the dictator in North Korea and having more of his corrupt team criminally indicted than any other president in history. If you are truly concerned for our country, please start watching and listening to non-biased news programs. Turn off the hate-based shows. Let’s renew America’s leadership in the world and bring back sanity to the Whitehouse.

Pamala Carolan

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