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Interesting facts

Kamala Harris has a 0 rating for 2019 in ratings by the Citizens Against government Waste and overall lifetime rating of 1. For the taxpayer category this makes her very Hostile to taxpayers. If she would have to become president, would you feel safe with her at the top? Or Pelosi as Vice-President?

Nancy Pelosi had no rating for 2019 and an overall rating of 9. Not good either for all of her constituents in California.

In Texas John Cornyn has 2019 rating of 83 and lifetime of 87. He is rated as a Taxpayer hero.

Ted Cruz has a 2019 rating of 100 and lifetime of 98. He is considered a Taxpayer Super Hero.

Basically for all of the Democrats in TX they are rated as Hostile to taxpayers, and the Republicans are rated as Taxpayer Heroes or Super Heroes.

Judicial Watch has uncovered some records about Joe Biden and his son Hunter about travel to countries for business purposes. Hunter did fly with his father numerous times on either Air Force One or Two. There were 411 flights. The country that really caught my attention was China. They made numerous trips from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. As we have heard, his son was involved in influence peddling scandals with Burisma-Ukraine-and China. Hunter formed a Chinese private equity fund that at the time was to raise big money for all involved. Do we really want Biden as President?

Ms. Harris’s family in Jamaica were slave owners. She is not African American for her father is from Jamaica and her mother from India. Back in June at the Democratic debates she stated that Biden had sexually harassed women as a Senator. Sounds fishy to me and that a deal was done so she could be his VP candidate if she did not go forward with an investigation into him.

Just wanted to make you aware so that you can have facts, and not false news, before you go to the polls.
God Bless America and help us.

Renee Hill, Buda

Voting no on Prop A

Hays co Proposition A states, in part, that it is for “acquiring open space and conservation land and conservation easements on land for any authorized purposes.” Why does it state for “any purposes”? Could “purposes” extend beyond parks and recreation? Purposes such as allowing thousands of biologically harmful wireless radiation 5G mini-cell towers to possibly be placed near parks, schools and neighborhoods? Also in Prop A is the term “connectivity,” a term that is often used when referring to wireless communication technology such as 5G. Wireless radiation like 5G has been proven in studies to be harmful to bees, trees, birds and widlife.

I and others I know will vote no for prop A, because the term “any authorized purposes” is in the proposition.

Cary Terrall

Concerned about Prop A

I, and others I know, are concerned about Proposition A on the current Hays Co. ballot. $75 million is a very large sum of money for one single county to provide and, if passed, will be paid for by a tax increase on Hays Co. citizens, a large burden especially during this pandemic. Also, it states in Prop A that the purpose is for “acquiring open space and conservation land and conservation easements on land for any authorized purposes.” ANY? Like easements for utilities, including perhaps placing many thousand of short beam small towers to support (unnecessary) 5G deployment?

(These are small unsafe antennas that must be placed very close to homes, businesses, schools, etc.) Or perhaps like providing easements for future pipelines coming through Hays Co.? Consider voting NO.

Roger Williams has admitted taking $1-2 million from PPP (Payroll Protection Program) for his auto dealership. Though there is nothing exempting congressmen from taking PPP money, it was really meant for citizens who are on the verge of losing their businesses and livelihoods due to Covid 19, not to help well paid congressmen whose salaries average about $174,000/yr. (We’ve heard auto sales are good during the pandemic, unlike businesses on the verge of bankruptcy.) For this act of money grabbing, we recommend voting for Julie Oliver (D) over Roger Williams (R).

A. Villalobos (D), running for Hays Co. Sheriff, has some questions of conduct surrounding him (see: News-Dispatch letter on 9/30/20). There are 3 questions about his ethical/legal behavior which sound credible and include the problem of his missing personnel file. So far, he has not responded to these allegations. Why not? Gary Cutler (R), who has an open and proper record, may serve Hays Co. more openly and ethically than Mr. Villalobos.

Martha Leren
Dripping Springs

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