Projects module now live on Kyle website

By Megan Wehring 

KYLE — Transparency is important in a community. The city of Kyle recently launched a virtual module for the public to view status updates on city projects. 

Residents have expressed a need for more communication between the city government and the community, according to Samantha Armbruster, communications director for the city of Kyle. 

“What we have heard from council and residents is a need for more communication about the projects going on in the city,” Armbruster told the Kyle City Council during the Oct. 20 meeting. “City-wide but also more hyperlocal. What’s going in the neighborhoods, what’s going on outside people’s doors.” 

The module is a one-stop page on the city website and recently launched Kyle Mobile App, creating more accessibility for residents to view all the information in one place. Listings of each project show the project type, along with the status and an interactive map. 

“We hope this meets the goals of council and what we have heard from residents in making our information not only city-wide but also hyperlocal to neighborhoods more accessible,” Armbruster said.

Not only will the module create transparent communication with the residents, but it will provide an additional resource to council members, according to Mayor Travis Mitchell. 

“I think we all get questions about all different kinds of projects which means we are tying up staff time constantly trying to get updates,” Mitchell said. “To have a one-stop shop for construction projects going on in the city is invaluable.”

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