Hays County has record voter turnout













As of Sunday, Oct. 25, Hays County is making history.

Voting, that is.

Effective Sunday close of voting, Hays County was reporting 75,519 residents had already voted. That includes in person and mailed in ballots.

When you look at total registered voters of 152,674 in Hays County, that means 49.46% of registered voters have already voted.

In comparison to the last presidential election in 2016, total votes cast in the General Election was 72,164, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s website. Total registered voters in 2016 in Hays County was 121,326, meaning 59.48% of registered voters took the time to go out and vote. (Hays County’s election website shows 73,589 votes of 116,501 voters, a 63.17% turnout.)

Friday is the last day to vote early, with Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Voters no longer have to vote only at their designated precinct office, even on Election Day. Any open polling place can be used.

We will have updates as they are posted by Hays County.


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