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To the Editor:

During this election season Carrie Isaac, the GOP candidate for District 45
State Representative, has declined to respond to surveys from the Hays Free Press/News Dispatch, and the Blanco County Association of  Retired Educators (of which I’m a member). Several attempts to contact Mrs. Isaac by phone, email, and Facebook Messenger went unanswered. Conversely, the incumbent, Erin Zwiener responded to each of those surveys with cogent answers clearly conveying her positions on matters of importance to this district.

While her non-responses are disappointing, Mrs. Isaac’s paid advertising
is misleading about Representative Zwiener’s positions on several
issues.  On TV Mrs. Isaac implies support for public school teachers
when she has a history of sending her own children to private schools
and her supporters advocate taking money from public schools to give it
to private ones. Perhaps that is the reason why
she didn’t want to respond to the Retired Educators group.

Politicians like Mrs. Isaac who hide their own positions while
distorting the positions of others have no place in public office.
Representative Erin Zwiener deserves our votes and another term at the
Capitol representing Hays and Blanco Counties.

Kathy Carriker

Retired Public School Educator

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