Regarding Renee Hill’s letter

Re: Renee Hill’s letter to the editor, October 22, 2020

Quote: “Just wanted to make you aware so that you can have facts, and not false news before you go to the polls.”
Yes, we should all strive to have the facts before we vote.  However, we will not find the facts in Ms. Hill’s letter.  Starting with her assertion that Sen. Kamala Harris is not African American because her father is from Jamaica is not a fact.  When the Spanish invaded and conquered Jamaica the result was the slaughter of most of its indigenous population.  To replace the original Jamaicans, Spain imported enslaved Africans.  No doubt Sen. Harris’ father is a descendent of one of those slaves.  But does that really matter as to her qualifications to be Vice President?
Ms. Hill has quoted Judicial Watch.  From their own web site, Judicial Watch is described as an American Conservative Activist Group that has primarily targeted Democrats.  In my opinion, not exactly unbiased. She has skewed the quotes from Citizens Against Government Waste by adding her own opinions about Sen. Harris and  Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Her opinions are not facts. Reputable news sources can supply impartial information.  The concerned citizen can determine what is fact and what is untrue.
Jane Wilson

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