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Letter to the Editor: Online Edition

For the first time in his congressional career, Rep. Roger Williams (TX-25) is dipping into his own pocket to finance his re-election campaign. All because his energized Democratic opponent, Julie Oliver, has outraised and outspent him this month though she doesn’t take a dime of special interest money.
Williams (net worth: at least $69 million) can afford it. So can his wealthy donors and PACs who have bankrolled him for eight years in Congress. His car dealership near Ft. Worth, miles outside our ludicrously gerrymandered district, is also flush with up to $2 million in a Payroll Protection loan that Williams voted for. Car sales in Texas have soared for months so his business is likely doing better than ever.
But we can’t afford any more of Williams and the GOP obsession with undoing the Affordable Care Act even as the pandemic worsens. Even as Texas logs more COVID-19 cases than any other state. The most workers who’ve lost health insurance along with their jobs. The most uninsured children.
Republicans don’t have a health care plan – they never did. Williams isn’t interested in protecting the 4.5 million non-elderly Texans with pre-existing conditions. He’s voted against the law that does so for years.
Oliver’s energy is real because the threat that Republicans pose to our families’ welfare is real too. There’s only one remedy for the pre-existing condition of their failed leadership.
Vote them out. Every single one.
Brenda Bell

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