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Letter to the Editor: Online Edition

City of Kyle Proposition A is a bond package that will purchase a new building for the police department. As you may or may not know, the Police Department is currently housed in four separate buildings. These buildings are busting at the seams, and do not have any additional space for the new employees that the police department must add for future growth. Here are some of the problems that the department faces with the current buildings.

· Plumbing issues to include frequent clogs from the 45-year-old plumbing.

· No public restrooms.

· Not ADA compliant.

· Not enough parking for department and staff vehicles.

· No secure parking for police department or staff vehicles.

· AC is not adequate or designed for what the building is currently used for.

· Not enough interview room

· No rooms set aside for training

· No generator to keep building and department running when power fails.

· Electrical issues due to the amount of modern technology required to run operations. (Breakers melting)

· Not enough parking for visitors

· No storage. Storage rental currently being used is costly and equipment is not readily accessible.

· No shower or locker room facility

· No break room to eat in.

· Lobby is too small.

· All department employees and divisions are not under one roof.

· Location is not suitable for emergency response due to road blockage caused by trains.

· Yearly cricket infestation.

This is just to give you some ideas as to why this bond is so important to the employees and citizens of Kyle. Your police department does a great job with the resources that it is given. It is way past due for them to receive a building of which the department and citizens can be proud of. One that will give them room to grow and serve you better in to the future. So please vote YES to the City of Kyle Proposition A.

Officer Walt Tallant
Kyle Police Department Retired

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