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Letters to the Editor

Supporting Prop A

If you’re like me, then you grew up swimming each summer at Five Mile Dam, Blue Hole and the Blanco River. What would our childhood have looked like without these natural treasures? As a longtime resident and former mayor of Kyle, I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that it’s our duty to protect these outdoor spaces for the next generation. That’s why the Parks & Open Space Bond (Hays County’s Proposition A) that is on the ballot this election season couldn’t have come at a better time.

As our beautiful, rural countryside in Hays County becomes an ever more popular destination for new families, we need to be investing in the creation of new park spaces and trails, as well as protecting our water quality. Our regional population is expected to keep growing exponentially, which is why we should all support this parks initiative that will fund 15 different projects throughout Hays County, and which, thanks to efforts by the Parks and Open Spaces Advisory Commission and the Hays County Commissioners Court, will not raise our current county tax rate.

Kyle residents will especially benefit from the bond: One project proposed will help fund a regional sports complex and city park space, including 21 acres of competition soccer fields, and 39 acres of open space and practice fields, all within the city of Kyle. The same project will also fund connectivity measures, like walking and biking trails, which will eventually connect Kyle to the Violet Crown trail that will run throughout Hays County. This is just one of over a dozen projects that Kyle residents and people from all over Hays County will be able to enjoy for years to come. It’s time to vote YES on Proposition A.

Lucy Johnson
San Marcos
formerly of Kyle

Preventing a tragedy

At about 2:30 p.m. on the afternoon of Thursday, October 22nd, a Dripping Springs citizen spotted a disabled vehicle stopped in the high-speed lane of U.S. Highway 290 West, with the driver and a passenger still sitting in the vehicle, near the intersection with Headwaters Blvd. Westbound autos were having to swerve or suddenly stop to avoid a collision. Seconds later, the citizen was able to flag down a motorcycle patrolman about a mile further west to report the tragedy-in-waiting. The patrolman went immediately to the scene, using his flashing emergency lights to alert other drivers. Two regular patrol SUVs also quickly arrived and traffic was stopped on Hwy. 290 in both directions. All three police authorities were from the Precinct 4 Hays County Constable’s office in Dripping Springs. While the motorcycle patrolman held the traffic at bay, the two Deputy Constables proceeded to PUSH the disabled vehicle BY HAND across the highway and into a nearby driveway. By the quick actions of these three Constable officials, a major collision and possible loss of life was averted. These individuals were later identified as Patrolman Charles Williams, and Deputy Constables Jeff Wilkins and Blaine Hamilton. The incident was probably one of many our County authorities are routinely asked to perform that may not make the news, but our residents should be extremely grateful for their availability and services.

(P.S.: As info, I was a witness to all of the above, and was able to flag down the motorcycle patrolman.)

Buddy Park
Dripping Springs

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