Dig into all contests, if we are doing it on one

Donald Trump says he has “received word” that massive voter fraud occurred in the recently completed election. It’s the only way he could have lost, right? He is inspiring his followers to protest and his enablers in the Senate and the House to acquiesce to his wishes that no winner be acknowledged until all the fraud is investigated and rooted out. Lest it appear that Mr. Trump is “biden” his time to delay being rightfully labeled “loser”, we need to expand his truth seeking to include all contests on the November 2020 ballot.

We need to start by digging into the supposed results of the election of John Cornyn and Lindsey Graham. How likely is it that they legitimately won by large margins in their races? I have on good authority from someone who heard that someone heard someone say they think they saw a sticky note scribble detailing irregularities in the voting and tabulating for these two candidates. Alleged cheating cannot be condoned, no matter which party the unamerican slime work for, right? For that matter, if such massive fraud occurred as the rejected presidential candidate says, all seats for any elected office should be vacated until such time as each ballot can be verified. It stands to reason people would not only falsify their ballots for President; if they are going to risk going to federal prison they would certainly do it up big and falsify their votes for every office up and down the ballot.

Because of Mr. Trump’s insinuation, every ballot is now in question. Hundreds of thousands of illegal voters and thousands of local officials, county officials, poll watchers and vote count watchers across the country who we trusted with election security were all in cahoots! Clearly we must grasp the deviousness of the American people, as does our soon to be former President.

We must throw the voting process into complete disarray so that we don’t have to hear the will of the people. That’s what any self-respecting banana republic would do.

Jeff Kaufmann


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