Time to stand up and be heard

by Mary Barrows

This is a divisive and dangerous time. We see the Republican party unhappily being forced to admit that they have lost the presidential election. As psychologists explain, projection is the act of projecting ones own motivations and desires onto another. Some Republicans claim that the Democrats have changed votes and somehow managed to dupe every state into lying about the results of the ballot count. Who is really trying to steal the election? Does anyone doubt that the current Republicans are lying and trying to deceive the public about the election ?

Many Republicans echo Trump’s outrage against the Antifa threat. They seem ignorant of the fact that Antifa is only an ideological construct and not a real organization. At the same time, these Republicans ignore the threat posed by right-wing radicals like Proud Boys and White Nationalists. Both the FBI and CIA have warned that these extremists groups pose the biggest threats to our freedom and safety. They are the biggest spreaders of fear, violence and racism. Still, some Republicans are complicit in encouraging these radical extremists to bully protestors and Trump dissidents. They have staked their futures around whatever Donald Trump decides, no plans or future Republican platform expected or required. This total obeisance to one person echoes Germany’s blind allegiance to Adolf Hitler.

Donald Trump has filled the swamp in Washington with inept right-wing extremists who support him blindly. In many cases these Republicans, like William Barr and Mitch McConnell, use their powers to undermine the rule of law and our Democratic institutions as well as our Constitutional system of checks and balances. These immoral Trump cronies punish anyone who has the integrity to support the Constitution and do their jobs, like the multitudes of officials fired for simply refusing to lie or to aid in corrupting our system of checks and balances. These unscrupulous Republicans spread and reenforce his exaggerations, lies, and absurd pretexts of nonexistent achievements by denying facts and promoting baseless conspiracy theories.

Again, as psychologists inform us, we project our motives onto others. From the beginning, Donald Trump and some Republicans have falsely promoted attacks against our impartial news organizations. These unapologetic attacks on our freedom of the press are a blatant attempt to undermine a key lynch pin of our democracy, namely faith in our news organizations. Again, they are projecting their own motives. If one listens to Fox new, Breitbart or other right leaning news organizations one can really become inundated with fake news. These news outlets are creating an alternate reality which has nothing to do with fact or science. Their news feed is a constant source of lies and misinformation that is key in creating their alternate reality. Not only are Fox News, Breitbart and other right leaning news organizations spreading lies, but they are attempting to undermine Americans’ belief in a free and fair election. Currently, 70 percent of Republicans do not believe that the presidential election was fair. This disparity in truth sown by corrupt right-wing organizations also sow misunderstanding and division which incites violence between the political parties.

When the Republican party attacks the credibility of the press, our national institutions, a system of checks and balances, and the results of a transparent and fair election, it becomes harder and harder to pretend that they support democracy in favor of fascism. Indeed, our very democracy is under attack. This time it is not outside forces that are threatening our freedom, but the danger is coming from the inside of our very government through radicals that are overtaking an entire party. Yes, this truly is a divisive and dangerous. It demands that each citizen stand up and let their voice be heard.

Ms. Barrows of San Marcos is a retired teacher who graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in English/Drama and an all level special education endorsement.

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