Thankful for 2020 to end

Well, Thanksgiving is over, and I am attempting to flatten the curve after my diet was shattered like a whisky bottle thrown on a rock pile. I’m not accepting the final tally of all the calories I took in from those slices of pie, and I demanded a recount, but the results are final. Numbers don’t lie. Some folks might argue the benefits of eating so much pecan and apple pie, as I may have ingested the past few days, but I am a firm believer in medical science. If my doctor advises me to eat more nuts and fruit, well, dadgummit, I am going to follow his recommendation.

As I sit here on my porch, salivating at the thought of a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich, I still have a warm feeling in my heart and a big smile on my face that has lingered since Thanksgiving Day. Okay, the warmth might be acid reflux from all the sweet taters I consumed, but the smile is legit. Since my family all reside here on the ranch, we have been able to stay semi-isolated and currently virus-free, and we were able to share Thanksgiving dinner with each other, a real blessing. Don’t worry, we took precautions. I was making a huge mess eating the sweet potatoes until my wife told me to remove my mask.

Now, perched in my Nest, waiting for lunchtime to approach, I have made a list of everything I am thankful for. It’s not easy due to the hardships and disappointments many have endured this year, but there are some bright slivers of light shining through those dark clouds. Allow me to share my list with all y’all.

I’m thankful that this pandemic has prevented me from getting trampled to death by going shopping with my wife on Black Friday.

I’m thankful that I can now watch TV without seeing countless political ads spewing twisted facts and negativity like a busted pressure pump at a sewage treatment plant.

I’m thankful that the season will soon be over for the Dallas Cowboys and I can stop yelling at my TV set.

I’m thankful there are significantly more people in this country who can recognize bovine excrement and were willing to go out and clean it up.

I’m thankful for all the people who are taking this pandemic seriously and wearing a mask so we can go sit on the patio of our favorite restaurants and eat a fine meal.

I am thankful there are health care professionals and scientists who have always known this virus is a big deal, and have worked vigorously to battle this plague.

I’m thankful I didn’t have to go to the stores this past October and hear Christmas music.

I’m thankful for those brave folks who kept store shelves stocked so we can keep our own shelves stocked.

I’m thankful for inheriting enough land to allow me to wander aimlessly outdoors without violating the stay home mandate.

I’m thankful for having techno-savvy kids to help me do that Zoom thing so I can visit with friends, family and even doctors. Believe me, annual exams are a lot less stressful without hearing the snap of a latex glove behind your back.

Most of all, I’m thankful for being healthy enough to be with my family during these troubling times, eating delicious food, sipping cold beverages and laughing at silly grandchildren.

Oh, one more thing. I’m thankful that I kept a pair of sweatpants that allowed me to eat two plates of turkey, dressing and taters and still have room for pie.

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