Buda Downtown to open temporary curbside parking for restaurants and retail stores

By Sahar Chmais 

To boost local business in Historic Downtown Buda during the pandemic, the Buda Main Street Program began offering a temporary Curbside Pilot Program to help create easy pickup for retail and restaurant customers. 

There will be six areas with numbered signs so customers can let the business know where to get the items dropped off, and each block will have one to two signs of curbside parking. There is a 10-minute parking limit. 

Buda City Council unanimously approved this program so they can help aid businesses while keeping residents safe. 

Signs will be installed over the next two weeks at the following locations:

  • One sign between Elm St. and Ash St.
  • Two signs between Ash St. and RM 967
  • Two signs between RM 967 and Peach Street
  • One sign between Peach St. and China St. 
  • One sign at Railroad and Rose 
  • One sign at 121 Main St. 

So far, the program is planned to run for six months, but feedback is welcome from customers to measure its effectiveness. 

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