Santa letters from Christine Smith’s second grade class at Fuentes Elementary

Dear santa,
How ae you doing? For Christmas I would like a toy, a barbie and a PS5.
Love Santa,
Love Christmas
Love, Kamary

Dear Santa,
Last year I gave you smething healthy. This year what do you want? For Christmzas I would lik a lot of Pokeman Plushies, amoung us toy, Heelies, and soccer supplies.
Love analie

Dear Samta.
Are you ready for Christmas? I hope you like my cookies. For Cjristmas I would like a jagoogitsoo, a fortnite toy, a squishy rainbow, a squishy cupcake.
Love, Sage

Dear Santa,
How are the elves doing? I want for christmas I want to shop. BBA food, clothes, 51 Lazr toy robot bog. I hope you have a good time at the North pole.
And Merry Christmas,

Dear Santa,
Want I want some makeup I want lego blocks.
Love, Alaina

Dear Santa,
How are the reindeer? I would like a ninj suite, legos, crdz craft remote control car.
Love Mavericy

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? Are the elves real?
For Christmsns I would like a Dragonball Bunck bed and pillow. And a skate board and a computer and a few fish.
Love, Cash

Dear Santa
Does Mrs Claus go around helping deliver presents? For christmas I would like a hover board, 10 Pack of flimy purple and black. Helies/ and baseball equipment.
Love, Alayna

Dear Santa,
How are you? Did you eat the cookies Last December? And I would like an Among us toys and an Amoung us costume and Have I been good?
Love, Major

Hi Santa,
I would like Legos I also want a calendar.

Dear Santa,
How do your reindeer Fly/ I would like asome pokemon cards, super smash bro’s for nintendo switch, a watch and to top it off some Hatchaimls limited edditin. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Love, Kellan

Dear Santa,
What do your reinndeer eat? For Chtistmas I want train toys, Wooddolls and a Rocking horse.
Was I good? I hope so!
Love, Benny

Dear Santa, How do you get in with no cheney I want a ninentdo switch
A bog toy for my dog and a toy soldier
Merry christmas
Love, Kasen

Dear Santa,
How are the elves? Have I been good? For Christmas I would like, a table, dog,a cat, and a barbie house.

Love Danna
Dear Santa, How are you doing? I bet you and the elves have been very busy for Christmas. I want a camera #2. Love, Cailynn

Dear Santa How are you doing? I bet you loved the cookies 1 year ago. For Christmas I want $100, an iphone 12, a black fortnite hoodie and $200 for my mom.
Love, Gage

Dear Santa,
How is Jimmy doing? I bet you and the elves have been very busy. For Chrismas I would like a poolm phone, bike, new supplies, paper, snow, your hat and money. I have tried to be very good.
Love, Caden

Dear Santa
How are you doing? I want a mirror for Christmas.
Love Ashlyn

Dear Santa
How you doing? I how bet you ard the elvs have toy be busy. For Christmas want Trinity Madiscndollo.

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