Hays County 2021 COVID deaths hit 20 so far

By Sahar Chmais

HAYS COUNTY – COVID-19 numbers are not showing a slowdown in Hays County, as 20 deaths have been reported since the beginning of 2021.
Residents started 2020 unaware of COVID-19’s bitter lash and what it may bring. In 2021, the virus has left few untouched from its wrecking force. Family and friends either lost someone they love, know someone who contracted the virus or they themselves got COVID-19.
When Hays County began recording its residents’ infection numbers, on March 31, 2020, the county had only four active cases.
The county saw its first large spike in the summer months of June and July, where nearly 4,000 recorded new cases arose. June had a daily average of 71 new cases and July had an average of 60 new daily cases. But these are only the numbers of those who got tested.
Nearing the end of 2020 Hays County witnessed another large spike in COVID-19 infections. In December alone there were more than 3,300 recorded cases of infections with a daily average of 112 new cases.
While these are the recorded numbers, many COVID-19 infections went unrecorded due to no testing. There are also those asymptomatic carriers who never found out whether or not they had the virus.
Hays County rang in the new year, with 49 people being treated in the hospital as the ball dropped in Times Square.
In 2020, COVID-19 caused 126 Hays County fatalities and landed 550 people in the hospital.
Almost halfway through January, Hays County residents have gotten no break. From Jan. 1 through Jan. 12 (as of press time), Hays County has had 20 deaths with 41 people still in the hospital. Total hospitalizations since the pandemic was declared have been 614.
Doctors and Hays County Health Department officials are still trying to get out the message of social distancing, frequently washing hands and avoiding touching the face and practicing caution.

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