Open letter to Senator Cruz

I write to you because I firmly believe that in remaining silent I would somehow be accepting of the insurrection we all witnessed in our nation’s capital.

For years upon years, Donald J. Trump has been a liar, a cheat and a con man. For President Obama’s entire presidency Trump pressed his false claims regarding Mr. Obama’s citizenship as well as other lies. During the primary campaign for the Office of the President, he told lies about you and your family. He called you and the other Republican candidates names. After winning the nomination, he began to spread the same sort of hateful and untruthful rhetoric towards his Democratic opposition, Hillary Clinton. As President, he continued to lie to the American people on a daily basis. He tried to use his shameful business practices to strong-arm our allies and threaten our enemies. What he did not do is govern. He was never the president for all Americans, only representing those who he had convinced that his lies were facts. He has systematically encouraged violence in our cities while at the same time making it harder for even his supporters to realize success in their personal lives. In other words, he has “governed” as a thug or a wannabe dictator.

And where have you been for all of this? You supported and enabled him at every turn. At first, you made excuses for his behavior. You eventually joined in on the lies. You and many of your colleagues failed in every way possible to conduct your business as Senators to keep the President and the Executive Branch in check. In fact, you appear to have enjoyed the dismantling of the balance of power intended by the framers of our constitutional republic.

Most recently you arrogantly demonstrated just how far your journey away from governing as your oath of office would compel you to do by your support of the absolutely false and misleading statements regarding the election results in various swing states around the country in support of President Trump’s childish actions.

You and others in the once-great Republican Party seem to be doing your best to bring those Trump supporters into your fold in order to make another run as a candidate for the presidency. These are the same Trump supporters who have been conditioned to believe lies, conspiracy theories and misinformation. They are the same supporters who have not seen any improvement in their personal lives as a result of their support. In your personal quest to become the president, you too would take advantage of these same people. That sir, makes you unqualified to be a senator, much less the President.

So, in the aftermath of that horrible attack on the Capitol by Trump’s supporters who were encouraged by the president and his lawyer, Mr. Giuliani to go there and fight to have the fairly run and certified election thrown out by the Congress, I have to wonder about your complicity whether consciously or not. Were your actions intended to really get the result the President of the United States wanted or were you going through the motions only to grab his supporters for your next campaign? I suggest that neither option is appropriate and I am hard-pressed to come up with a third alternative that would relieve you of being a contributor to the loss of confidence in our democratic republic form of government.

In short, Senator Cruz, I find your behavior as a senator to be absolutely deplorable and not in any way what the citizens of Texas require from elected officials. Therefore, I ask that you resign your senatorial seat and come home in the shame you should be sharing with President Trump.

Frank Madia

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