The Best of North Hays County for 2020

Nomination deadline is January 15, 2021
Voting begins February 1, 2021

When reflecting back on 2020, we’ll reflect on a year of hardship, change and innovation. It was especially challenging for small businesses which struggled to keep themselves and their customers safe while still trying to stay in the black. We salute the businesses that persevered and continued to bring us good service and normalcy and we feel for the businesses that didn’t make it through this tough year.

In 2021, we’d like to recognize the best services in Northern Hays County for 2020. We are taking nominations at and Just look for the yellow button that says “Vote here for Best of North Hays County”. That will take you to a nomination page. From there, click on the service area you’d like to nominate. If your business or service has already been nominated, you’ll see the name and you can click the nominate button. If you don’t see the name you want to nominate, look toward the bottom of the names where it says “Don’t see your favorite?” You can click there to add the name for nomination. You will also be asked for your email address. We only ask for email addresses in case we need to legitimize a business we haven’t heard of or to get similar follow-up information.

Nominations are accepted through Jan. 15 and voting will start Feb. 1.

For more information or details, email

Good luck and may 2021 be a prosperous year for us all.

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