Ted Cruz deserves more credit

Letter to the Editor:

There are those who say Sen. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is just an unprincipled weasel who should resign. I must take issue with that.

Ivy League educated, self-styled man of the people Ted Cruz is one of two senators who led the attempt to reject the certified election results from states which the dear leader lost.

The soon to be former president alleged the election had been rigged and stolen through widespread voter fraud. Cruz said he needed to preserve election integrity due to “unprecedented allegations of voter fraud.” See the clear distinction between the two? Ted was only innocently responding to the dear leader’s unprecedented allegations!

Mr. Trump’s rhetoric resulted in the sacking of the U.S. Capitol and the loss of at least six lives. But Mr. Cruz can bear no blame for that – he was busy trying to overturn a free and fair election at the time. Besides, as Mr. Cruz said: “…The president’s language and rhetoric crossed the line, and it was reckless… If you looked to what I have said, you will not find me using the same language or rhetoric.”

There you have it. Mr. Cruz cannot possibly be held accountable – he didn’t use the same words to whip up the crowd. He used different words and means to whip up the crowd!

Ted deserves more credit. He’s not just an unprincipled weasel, he’s an articulate, scheming, dangerous, unprincipled weasel who should resign.

Jeff Kaufmann


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