Dumber than a rock? Maybe …

Well, here it is, mid-January, pert near February, and I haven’t made any New Year’s resolution. I just can’t decide on something that would improve my life or give me some goal to pursue this year. A year ago, I made some resolutions like running a marathon and eating healthy meals. Well, this stinkin’ pandemic put a kibosh to those two goals, along with me not wanting to run any farther than my bathroom and my addiction to red meat, nachos and cold beer.

So, in an attempt to find some way to improve my well-being, I decided to do one of those searches on the internet. Some folks say you can find everything online if you look long enough, so I fired up my pooter and started my search. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but I did discover there are a mess of very angry, self-centered people insulting complete strangers. Lots of cruel, hate-filled souls spewing filth on social media because they have nothing better to do.

I used to toss my two cents-worth into these discussions, but I have decided it’s not worth my time. Plus, I once made a resolution to be kinder to those of lesser intelligence and to never call someone stupid, even if they are as dumb as a cedar fence post. No sir, I refuse to stoop as low as these crude cretins. I have pledged to never go down to the level of these manure-munching sewer rats. It’s useless arguing with someone inflicted with cerebral guano.

For example, I won’t say anything derogatory to someone who is obviously playing soccer with a deflated ball. Perhaps this individual who has moss growing on his brainstem does not have the mental acuity to carry on an intelligent conversation with another human being. For all I know, he’s three beavers short of a lodge, playing solitaire with half a deck.

Like those brainless thugs who sought to destroy our democracy while claiming they are patriots. It’s kinda like a vegan getting take-out from Arby’s. You can’t support the Constitution by setting a match to it. No sir. These domestic terrorists have an IQ lower than a stump in a Louisiana swamp. And by not wearing a mask and posting selfies inside the Capitol indicates they’re as sharp as mashed potatoes. If dumb were dirt, those thugs would be about an acre, and that fella dressed like Attila the Hun must have a brain that’s collecting disability checks.

I just can’t figure out why there are so many people who feel like they have to vent their anger on social media. Is it because they have no friends who will put up with all that complaining and nonsensical rhetoric? So they sit at home alone, in front of their PC, sharing their cerebral flatulence with the world. What most of them don’t understand is that they are displaying their complete ignorance of certain facts. I don’t want to appear malevolent, but if any of these folks ever birthed a brilliant idea, it was an only child.

There doesn’t seem to be any one group more bitter than others. Whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, Cowboy fans or Eagle fanatics, some folks will argue until hell freezes over and neither side will win the debate. Intelligent people can engage in a tactful debate, but some folks who burn a dim bulb in the attic have to resort to spewing vile, malicious slander. These poor souls are definitely missing some rungs on their ladder.

Well, heck, I reckon I should work on my previous resolution of being kind and forgiving to others, no matter how small their calcified gray matter is. It seems like this is a worthy goal, a goal attainable as long as I keep blocking raving lunatics from my Facebook page. If you are wondering if I might’ve offended any bird-brained trolls, I doubt they’ll understand half of what I’ve written. Too many big words.

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