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No, Mr. Jones, you do not see. You do not see that your commentary is self-righteous and denigrating? Truth and Reconciliation? Look up the Chinese Cultural Revolution and see how well that worked out. Here’s a brief recap: Mao wanted to purge all dissension to his form of communism. Revolutionary committees were formed to destroy his enemies and “purify” the ranks. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps, even millions of people were executed. Thi, you see, is what you are suggesting: forming committees to purify thinking by only allowing you and your ilk to be the masters of truth. You say #StoptheSteal is a hoax, a big lie. Can’t you see that there may have been last minute changes in state election laws that run counter to our Constitution? Didn’t you see Maxine Waters who on live TV provoked her base to hunt down Trump supporters, incite crowds to scream at them that they are not wanted. Didn’t you see Sarah Sanders run out of the Red Hen Restaurant while trying to eat dinner? Didn’t you see Paul Rand and his wife assaulted when leaving the Republican National Convention? No, sir, you do not see. And, finally, your proposed use of the Bible is blasphemous. Open the Bible, read the word of God and maybe your sight can be restored.

Janet Larkin

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