Hays County COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed to residents all over Texas 

By Sahar Chmais 

HAYS COUNTY – The third delivery of COVID-19 vaccines has been confirmed for the county. Vaccines are state-issued in allotments of 1,950 doses at a time. 

Next week on Monday, Feb. 8 and Tuesday, Feb. 9, vaccines will be given in Wimberley. The following week’s doses will be distributed in Dripping Springs. Hays County will be changing distribution locations to give more residents access. Texas is still distributing vaccines to residents who fit under Tiers 1A and 1B. 

While some residents are persistent on not getting a vaccine, the pre-registration portal is filling up quickly. So far, more than 3,000 Texans who fit under Tier 1A and 16,000 Texans who fit under Tier 1B have pre-registered in the Hays County portal. Last week, more than 70,000 Texans tried to register within minutes of opening the line. 

Vaccines are distributed through Hays County, but according to Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra, most of the vaccines are going to Texans coming from outside of the county. During a live Facebook update on Friday, Feb. 5, Becerra said that it is illegal not to give a vaccine to those who registered from outside of the county. 

There is a nationwide and statewide shortage of vaccines, but if Hays County residents would like to have more doses allocated to the county, Becerra encourages residents to speak with state representatives in the Texas Capitol. 

“Calling us about more vaccines is like moving a dollar from one pocket to the other pocket of your pants,” Becerra explained why it is best to make the request from the state. “We are on the same team, pushing for the same thing.” 

Meanwhile, the county is working on organizing the vaccine distribution better, given the limited supply they have. 

Next week, Hays County will open a phone portal to get those who don’t have internet access to pre-register for the vaccine. Other ways residents can be involved in the vaccine effort: 

To stay updated through more avenues, follow the Hays County Facebook and Twitter pages, follow Judge Ruben Becerra’s Facebook page, look out for announcements on television stations or news articles, Becerra said. 

He also added that some of the most vulnerable population may not have access to these updates; if residents know a neighbor, friend or family member not in the know or who needs help navigating the system to lend a helping hand. 

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