Hays CISD campuses fixing storm damages

By Sahar Chmais 

HAYS CISD – Disaster recovery crews are still working on restoring six Hays CISD campuses that endured damages from the snow storm. Originally, 18 campuses were damaged by the storm.  

Most of the issues are considered to be minor because of water damage , said Tim Savoy, chief communication officer for Hays CISD. 

“We are fortunate,” Savoy said. “There was some damage, but it’s nothing we can’t recover from by Wednesday.” 

Campuses are still scheduled to resume normal activity on Wednesday, Feb. 24. There may be some residual areas on campus that will be closed off when students return, such as libraries and classrooms, but nothing that would affect the entire school from operating, Savoy explained. 

Water boil notices are still ongoing in different parts of the district, based on the water providers, but only a few are left, Savoy said. If the notice is not lifted by Wednesday, the few schools that remain under the notice will provide bottled water to students and boil water for use. 

The campus with the most damage is the Impact Center, Savoy said, but this campus has had very minimal activity since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Other campuses include: 

  • Tom Green Elementary School 
  • Fuentes Elementary School 
  • Hemphill Elementary School 
  • Barton Middle School 
  • Wallace Middle School 

The recovery crews have been drying the campuses and cutting sheetrock that has been affected since the weekend. Efforts are ongoing. 

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