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In support of PDO

On March 30, the Hays County Commissioner’s Court voted unanimously on a prudent measure to bring greater justice to our legal system: to submit a letter of intent to the Texas Indigent Defense Commission conveying our county’s pursuit of a Public Defender’s Office (PDO).

This state agency recognizes that PDOs provide a superior model of legal defense for low-income residents; if they approve funding for Hays County’s fledgling PDO, it could cover up to half the costs of the office’s creation in the first four years, saving us several million dollars.

The creation of the PDO is a critical issue for local citizens. It helps to ensure better representation to those who could not otherwise afford it. A holistic program as envisioned can help not only reduce recidivism but hopefully prevent certain crimes in the first place. It helps to keep people out of jail and who don’t need to be there and as of two weeks ago, Hays County was continuing to spend $45,000 each week to outsource inmates in excess of our jail’s capacity. As Hays County grows, it joins the ranks of other large counties by affording its poor citizens not only a fair and consistent defense program, but we will make our county stronger in the long run as we can put our limited resources into programs that not only prevent crime, but make Hays County a better place to live.

Commissioners Lon Shell and Debbie Gonzales Ingalsbe deserve credit for the PDO proposal crafted with Neighborhood Defender Services, who would not only furnish legal defense for indigent residents, but also offer a host of holistically-minded resources to address a spectrum of needs.

A professional, well-managed public defender’s office is crucial for Hays County – it is supported by the data, its merits have been supported by the DA’s office and it is supported by neighboring cities who have found it transformative for their communities.

In short, the Texas Indigent Defense Commission’s May 7 deadline for a grant application is fast approaching and our county’s submission has yet to be turned in. Please don’t let another year waste away. Truly the time has come to fund such a beneficial office.

Shannon FitzPatrick
San Marcos

Like Clint, but …

A few years back, I asked Bob Barton why he let that country boy write in his newspaper. He said, “He writes good stuff.” I let it go (thought to myself – his family). But you see his writing kind grows on one. First thing IU do when I pick up the paper is look for his column. If no column, I’m disappointed.

He had one column though that bragged about the big words in the last one. Well, big words are other people’s words. If one uses a word, it’s not big.It’s normal. When one hears a big word one runs for the dictionaary or swallows one’s pride or asks someone one thinks might know. Also, one needs to know how to spell it. (Thought to myself, I was right, someone helped him write that column.)

Today Clint Younts has a complaint about master bedroom being expunged from the American English language. Master has many meanings, but Mr. Younts fixates on bedroom for some reason. It can mean primary or really good at chess. A lot of things. But despite having being born on third base like a lot of us, he’s surely not complaining about some people’s sensitivites. Especially those that have to run like the dickens for first. Or those that accidentally bump into the wrong policeman and never make it.

Albert Busse

In support of Dems

Now that Trump is out for good (is he ever going to be tried?) we Democrats must never ever let Republicans gain power again. What they are trying to do now in certain states to keep Democrats from voting is plain illegal (at least morally). They may try to suppress the vote but they will never succeed.

I just don’t understand why people keep voting for the GOP, especially in poorer southern states where the GOP could care less about the people there. The GOP is the most unscrupulous, law-breaking, ruthless, racist, criminal-minded, disrespectful, abhorrent, selfish, lying, conniving, sex predating, power hungry, obstructionists, obnoxious, and like Hillary said, “deplorable” party there ever was.

We must politically exterminate these pests so that they can never ever control our government again. If we are ever to have “peace in the valley” and work to get things done for the People of America, we must vote every Republican out of office in the upcoming elections.

Also, now that Democrats control both the House and the Senate, they must pass an amendment to make the Supreme Court Justices serve 2 to 3 year term limits. The ones who have been there the longest must end their tenures one year after the passage of this amendment. Then give regular people a chance to serve as justices. With a lot of common sense and decency people don’t have to be lawyers to serve as judges. King Solomon certainly didn’t have a college degree to make his decisions and he certainly didn’t go to law school. But to be fair, we must try really hard not to elect Republicans or Democrats for these judicial positions. We must remember that this government was elected by the People and for the People. Maybe some day, Republicans and Democrats will be able to work together for the People of this great nation.

Ezekiel Enriquez, Sr.
San Marcos

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