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Cartoon was appropriate

My opinion for what it’s worth: I found the cartoon printed on the newspaper on April 21, 2021, very appropriate.

This is the cartoonist’s point of view. We all have to live with our own conscience. If we take everything in a negative concept, hate will prevail.

If, and only if, the cartoonist was referring to the recent case on the news, I find it very hard to believe all twelve jurors had not heard about this particular case, unless they lived in a primitive cave in another world or on another planet.

This is like in the western movies – guilty on all counts by the mob. The accuser was found guilty before the trial by the media and protesters.

Now, I didn’t say the accuser was innocent of any crime, don’t misunderstand me. Jesus said, if there is any amongst you that have done no wrong, be the first to case the first stone.

Paula Martinez Hobb

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