Who will take over judge’s seat after resignation?

By Sahar Chmais
Hays County Commissioners attempted to fill the County Court at Law 3 position, following Millie Thompson’s resignation, during their May 18 meeting the commissioners were not in agreement.
Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe proposed that Judge Linda Rodriguez temporarily take the seat because she has a wealth of experience as an attorney and judge, does not plan on running and she volunteered for the position. Rodriguez is also a visiting judge for several counties across the state. Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra was in agreement with Ingalsbe’s proposal. There were two residents who also suggested during public comment that Rodriguez take the position.
In a 3-2 vote, Rodriguez did not receive the appointment, though she is still a contender.
All the commissioners spoke of Rodriguez’s vast experience making her a good candidate, but Commissioners Lon Shell and Walt Smith said they received multiple resumes and they must consider submissions. The court will allow more resumes to be submitted until Friday, May 28, and will further discuss the appointments during its June 1 meeting.
Whoever is selected will take the position until 2022. Then residents will get to vote on a new County Court at Law 3 judge during the 2022 election cycle, Becerra explained. The newly elected judge will be in position for two years, until 2024, which is the original time Thompson’s position was set to expire.
Once again, during the 2024 elections, residents will get to vote on the County Court at Law 3 Judge.

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