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I found “The Kyle File” from May 5th’s edition quite pedantic and browbeating. Yes. People “care.” I put care in quotes because the author seems to think that the heart of a community can be measured in voter turnout. That is a truly fallacious conclusion to draw. 80+ percent of money for bond proposals passed. Ok, does that mean the 20% voted down is due to people lack of “caring?” We have many priorities. Family, community, work, or otherwise. Those must be weighed constantly. 

The actions taken for the betterment of those are taken on a daily basis. I see it on Nextdoor. I see it in the Buy Nothing group. The giving of time, money, and resources to religious and secular charities. The food bank. The workers building roads on the east side. The corner shopkeeper who manages to get tissues and sanitizer when big stores are out. The guys on Hwy 21 chopping and selling giant bundles of firewood during the big freeze. The list goes on and on. 

The author’s jilted idea that “no one cares about anything” is so vindictive and revealing. Perhaps it has to do with the last mayoral election. Yes, people care. The fact that the author can’t sense that shows a disconnect with the community that can’t be broached with defeatism, lecturing, and univarient election poll analysis. You have to look a little deeper than that. Or, maybe join the rest of us who put more stock into everyday actions besides those taken at election time. 

Bobby Sira

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