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Think about the life

After reading the almost 4 half page columns of the article “Local woman reflects on abortion law changes” in the June 2 paper, I have to acknowledge the truth that hardship exists.  Some of these hardships are due to our own choices and some thrust upon us by circumstances. None of these hardships would justify taking a human life. As science advances, it becomes more clear how the “tissue” that grows in a woman’s body is a human being. Most people accept that when they are excited about the new life. I would just ask those contemplating abortion decisions to consider the whole truth about the little body, the life growing within them and do the hard, inconvenient, unplanned, gut wrenching thing protect the life. Speak for the tiny silent life. Start by not haphazardly and brainlessly creating a baby, but once a life is created, don’t accept the line of the abortionist. I say, with millions of others, that is a life. Reach out. Get some help. Honor life. Thanks for allowing me to speak. 

Karen Depwe
Dripping Springs

In support of Judge Linda Rodriguez

On Tuesday, June 2, the Hays Commissioners Court voted 3 to 2 for the appointment of Daniel O’Brian as the new judge for the Court of Law #3, all while Judge Linda Rodriguez had been presiding over Court of law #3 across town. Judge Linda Rodriguez is a highly competent judge with decades of judicial experience and very well respected by her peers.  During public comment, citizens expressed their support for Judge Rodriguez, citing her impressive qualifications and demonstrated fairness as a Judge. For the Commissioners Court to appoint someone other than Judge Rodriguez, is a slap in the face to all those affected by future rulings – and to Judge Rodriguez herself.  The inequities and partisan nonsense of Hays County has once again reared its ugly head.  As a Latina – and a woman with firsthand experience with this type of good ‘ole boy cronyism – it angers me beyond words. What I witnessed was three white men appoint another white man with less qualifications over a highly capable, experienced, and proven Hispanic woman who is actively performing those duties as a judge. For the commissioners to then muse about a possible “consolation” seat for her to fill as an “associate” judge is disingenuous and an appalling insult.Judge Linda Rodriguez should have been appointed without hesitation to the position of Judge Court of law #3. What the Commissioners Court has achieved in their blatantly, self-serving decision to ignore the people’s will by this 3-2 appointment is to galvanize all those who have ever felt ignored and dismissed, passed over without justification. 

Change is coming, Hays County. Change is coming…

Dr. Michelle Cohen

Founder of Hays Latinos United and concerned citizen

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