New TikTok challenge implores kids to destroy school property 

By Sahar Chmais
What property be taken down or destroyed in school bathrooms? Air dryers, perhaps paper towel dispensers, and how about bathroom signs.
These are some examples of how school kids are following a TikTok challenge, which implores kids to destroy items in school bathrooms. In schools across the nation, kids are taking down bathroom doors, destroying mirrors, taking down paper towel dispensers and more. Hays CISD students were not immune from participating in this challenge.
Secondary, middle and high school kids have been participating in what is dubbed as the “devious lick challenge.” School Resource Officers (SRO) are working on identifying offenders and investigating the cases, said Jeri Skrocki, director of safety and security at HCISD.

TikTok takes down videos from the “devious lick challenge.”

There have been no detentions done up to this point, Skrocki said.

So far, there is no exact number of incidents, campus locations, or financial loss accounted – “the information is still being tabulated,” Skrocki added.
“Our hope is that we can catch and stop this criminal behavior before it gets more out of hand,” Skrocki told the Hays Free Press/News-Dispatch.
TikTok began removing content connected to this challenge. When searching for the “devious lick challenge,” viewers now receive a “no results found” message.


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