National Hispanic Heritage Month: Hays County Hispanic population reaches 39%

On Monday, Sept. 20, the city of Buda presented a proclamation, celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month and Hispanic American accomplishments. J.R. Gonzales, executive director of the Buda Area Chamber of Commerce, gave a speech in front of council, thanking the city “on behalf of 63 million people.” 

National Hispanic Heritage Month began as a week, and under the President Ronald Raegan’s administration in 1988, was expanded into a month, celebrating this emerging American group. Since the expansion, the U.S. celebrates National Hispanic Month from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. 

“The fact that over the past two decades over 50% of the country’s growth has been directly attributed to the Hispanic population is significant,” Gonzales said. “The fact that tortillas outsell bread, that salsa outsells ketchup… Hispanic contributions in this country has been vast ever since the Revolutionary War.” 

Gonzales spoke of the impact the Hispanic population has on the country, the state, the county and all the way down to Buda. 

“No community or society or business can sustain itself without labor force,” he said. “In Hays County [the labor work force]is 67% Hispanic. … Recognize the fact that as the population continues to grow, so will changes have to occur in our political, social and economic climate.” 

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