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Hays student brings air-soft gun to school, charged with 3rd degree felony 

By Sahar Chmais
A Hays High School student went to campus last week with an airsoft gun in his backpack, and was overheard stating that he was planning on using it at school.
Students who heard the conversation alerted adults on campus. An administrator found the airgun, a replica toy gun used in airsoft sports, that can shoot plastic or resin round balls that look like ‘BBs.’
The student is a juvenile male, but his identity has not been released.
The Hays County Sheriff’s Office is handling any charges and the criminal case, according to Tim Savoy, Hays CISD communications director.
The student was overheard making threats regarding other students, and was arrested and charged with a 3rd degree felony due to the totality of the circumstances, according to a letter from Hays High Principal David Pierce to parents.
“Bringing a firearm, or replica, on campus and making threats is a serious offense,” Pierce wrote. “Know that we will always take whatever action is necessary to ensure that our Hays Hawks are safe everyday.”


About Author


Sahar Chmais holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. She has been covering cities in Hays County for one year, touching on residents' struggles and successes, city issues, COVID-19 and more. Prior to reporting on the local spectrum, Sahar reported for a national news organization, covering gun violence. Sahar enjoys working as a local reporter because she gets to work with real people and their stories.

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