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Letter to the Editor

In support of Moreland

As a clinical psychologist I have worked inside numerous Texas school systems, both urban and rural, with students of all abilities, learning styles and backgrounds. With this vantage point, I strongly believe Edmond Moreland is the right person for this important role.

His experience as a practicing trial attorney of nearly 24 years has called for sound judgment and critical thinking and has allowed him to sharpen the skills of careful listening – bridging partisanship divides and building consensus.

Beyond his professional practice Edmond has stepped up to be an active community contributor, serving as a Chancellor to the Board of the St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Wimberley, and as Vice Chair of the Board for Wimberley Emergency Medical Systems. In these roles as well, he has brought people together for the good of the community.

Edmond understands that on a school board there should be no place for partisan divisiveness. Here we are called to place the best interests of all our children, and the faculty and staff who work so hard to support them, above all else.

In addition, Edmond has been steadfast in advocating for the health and safety of our community, and in supporting and expanding social/emotional learning opportunities on all our campuses.

I urge the voters in the Wimberley Valley to cast your vote for Edmond Moreland and for those candidates who join him in respecting the needs and special experiences of every student and the expertise of each teacher in the district.

Donald J. Minnick, Ph.D.

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