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Candidate for Buda City Council, Place 3: Local business woman Jones runs for Buda council

24 years of construction and development experience and a family commitment; all to benefit Buda.

I’ve lived here for quite a few years and have spent my lifetime in this part of Texas. Like many of you, I have children in our Buda schools and family that lives down the street or over yonder. For me, it’s about 20 or more of us in total, not to mention at least 2 family businesses that are operated from our Budaful little town. We work and we play here and I’ve watched our city grow by leaps and bounds. 

I’ve seen the excitement in some residents’ eyes as a new restaurant or shiny new school opened up. I’ve also heard the rumbles and groans as we all sat in that new school’s traffic together hoping that Commissioner Mark Jones would keep the light green long enough for us to make it through and get our kids to school on time. 

Growth can be exciting; when we get a new bigger house for our growing family, access to new parklands we didn’t have before or a new restaurant for date night. But growth can come with growing pains, especially if it affects our way of life.

I’ve watched and experienced the growth, listened to the growing pains and heard the questions and complaints. And I thought: I can answer those questions; I can help our City and our residents! Because that’s what I’ve done for more than 24 years. I’ve been in the developer’s shoes. I’ve built those apartments and houses. I’ve negotiated with cities for variances. I’ve been on that side of the table. I understand how it works. Now I’m on this side of the table with the rest of Buda. I’m the Vice Chair of the Buda Planning and Zoning Commission. And I can do even more working for Buda from the City Council. 

I want to make sure our residents are heard and understood and advocate for their voices. And I want to make sure they hear back from those that represent them and have a clear understanding of what we are all working on together. 

This is our Buda. Let’s make it flourish together.

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