Hip Czech: 10 reasons to shop locally

By Cyndy Slovak-Barton

Barton Publications exchanges newspapers with a lot of other business owners in cities across the state.

One thing rings true with all newspapers, media organizations and more – we all understand the “shop locally” theme.

We push this message out now for several reasons. At the beginning of December, our quarterly Echo magazine will be publishing exactly that – the need for local, local, local.

Live local, work local, shop local. It’s all part of what the cities of Kyle, Buda and Dripping Springs are pushing.

What are the reasons for shopping locally? There’re many.

1. Taxes – Every time you spend money locally, you are putting money back into your own pocket. Sales tax money goes into local coffers, and we might as well put that sales tax dollar in our own piggy bank as in another county’s.

2. Selection – As a local customer, your tastes determine the goods and services that local stores will carry. The more you shop here, the more your desires about what goods you want will be met.

3. Employment – This is a big one. Whether you are buying merchandise or looking for a plumber or electrician, when you spend locally, you are putting people to work. Those same business owners pay property taxes here. Why not help them out instead of running into the next county.

4. Quality merchandise – Buying locally helps to build relationships – shopper to owner. If you need something else, just ask. Problems handled locally and face to face, instead of trying to talk to a computer, are much more satisfying. And you might end up with a friendship, or a job, in the process.

5. Community involvement – Your money gets fed back in to the community through business donations to local organizations – the food bank, high school cheerleaders, Lions Club and more. 

6. Save money – Driving into Austin or New Braunfels costs you … in gas, time, and more. Save money and shop locally.

7. Economic Development – Every city talks about economic development and what the city needs. Think about this: when you buy locally, the value of the dollar circulates five times before leaving. A dollar spent elsewhere is gone. Let’s keep our money local and build our economy.

8. Merchandise availability – The time it takes you to run to another city and drive around … well, your local merchant could have already done a special order for you.

9. Personal Service – when you walk in the door of a local business, you are not a number or an email. You are a person, with a face, and a voice. Area businesses will go the extra mile to assure your satisfaction. Get to know your local business people. It’s worth your time.

10. We Care – When you shop locally or get a local business person to work on your house or building, you will be greeted with a smile. You will be treated as a guest. Because, think about it, when you enter a store, you ARE the guest.

So, think about your business, your money, your desires. Shop locally if you need something.

And for those wanting to get the word out locally about your services or merchandise, give us a call. We’ll get your name before tens of thousands of LOCAL readers.

In the end, we all benefit from dollars spent locally.

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