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Kyle couple goes all out on Halloween

Sixteen years ago, Milburn and Rhonda King built a haunted house at the request of their daughter and it became a tradition they continued every year.

They are empty nesters now, but they still continue the tradition because they say the neighbors and kids really seem to appreciate it. But since the pandemic, the Kings decided to put everything outside.

Their Halloween landscape features a yard full of animatronics from aliens, to a headless horseman (and his horse) to the talking, man-eating plant. They have many more animatronics and attractions to add to their Halloween spread including a dragon that shoots candy from its mouth and every day they add something new.

The couple planned to just hand out candy on Halloween, but due to the encouragement of neighbors they decided to hand out candy and bring out all the special effects both Saturday and Sunday Halloween weekend.

You can drive by and visit the King’s Halloween wonderland at 911 Whispering Hollow in Kyle.

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