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Protect existing subdivisions

While so many have struggled through the pandemic, developers in the unincorporated areas east of IH-35 have been at work pushing through plans that will impact some of the most flood prone areas and neighborhoods of low income families of color. 

Several hundred acres of land are being bulldozed and scraped, even though FEMA flood plain maps are not updated to align with Hays County maps which include the floods of 2015. These developments, with the blessing of Kyle, have targeted ETJ areas where plans can be pushed through with little city oversight. Hays County development officials are left to do what they can when cities fail to provide thoughtful consideration of residential properties impacted adversely by these developments. 

One such area is the Countryridge subdivision which has been in existence for over 30 years, yet Kyle’s Master Plan refers to this area as “Transitional Settlement Community”. 

Residents of this subdivision  and others along Hillside Terrace have asked Kyle for many years to be released from its ETJ. 

Kyle has refused to do so because they appear to believe it is their right to extract concessions in territory trades with Buda. 

Between the 4000 Dacy Lane Investments, Kyle’s anemic lack of oversight of  the “Mansions Buda” proposed project, The Emma Park Subdivision, and the RV park along Hillside Terrace there is no square foot of dirt which will not be overturned. 

During the 2015 floods, large portions of the land were flooded where Mansions Buda is being planned. Both housing and a roadway tying into Kyle’s Suffield Road Plan are proposed in an area where huge land crevices remain as testament to the 2015 event.

The beeping of heavy equipment begins at dawn and runs through dusk, including some weekends and Sundays. In July the Hays Free Press ran a news release of Kyle’s adoption of its updated transportation plan. At the city council meeting, public comment was made regarding the planned road that will cut through and most likely require eminent domain taking of land in the Suffield Drive neighborhood along IH 35 to accomplish this plan. 

Development is inevitable, however, the destruction and harm to existing neighborhoods along with disregard to flooding impact to present and future inhabitants is inexcusable.

Diana Woods
Countryridge Subdivision

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