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A big black long haired dog and a brown pit bull with white on the head just killed a miniature horse of mine in my back yard. 

A few years ago, two dogs – one red dog and a black one – chased an expensive saddle horse into a water tank. I saw them come out of the pasture all wet. I didn’t realize they had chased the horse until I found it in the water dead. 

This happens all the time. People don’t realize the damage loose dogs can do. My neighbors left home with their Great Dane loose. It killed one horse and another one had to be put down … their own horses. 

I can name at least ten cases in the last fifty years I have live here on Cotton Gin Road of damage from loose dogs. The more subdivisions the worse it gets. There is a Hays County law against loose dogs. Where’s the enforcement? 

Albert Busse

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