Here’s who’s on the March 1 primary ballots

Below is just a sampling of the races on the March 1 primary ballots. For a full list of elections, visit the Hays County Elections website to read the ballots in their entirety.


Republicans: Allen B. West, Greg Abbott, Kandy Kaye Horn, Don Huffines, Paul Belew, Danny Harrison, Rick Perry and Chad Prather

Democrats: Beto O’Rourke, Joy Diaz, Michael Cooper, Rich Wakeland, Incencio (Inno) Barrientez

State Representative District 45

Republican: Michelle M. Lopez

Democrats: Erin Zwiener, Angela “Tía Angie” Villescaz and Jessica “Sirena” Mejia

District Judge, 207th Judicial District

Republications: Mark E. Cusack, Tracie Wright-Reneau, Charmaine Wilde, George Carroll

Democrats: N/A

District Judge, 274th Judicial District

Republican: Gary Steel

Democrat: N/A

District Judge, 428th Judicial District

Republicans: Bill Henry

Democrats: Joe Pool

Criminal District Attorney

Republican: David Puryear

Democrat: Kelly Higgins

County Judge

Republican: Mark Jones

Democrats: Brandon Burleson and Ruben Becerra

Judge, County Court-at-Law #1

Republican: Robert Updegrove

Democrat: Jimmy Alan Hall

Judge, County Court-at-Law #2

Republican: Chris Johnson

Democrat: Paul Hill

Judge, County Court-at-Law #3

Republican: Dan O’Brien

Democrat: Elaine S. Brown

District Clerk

Republican: Beverly Crumley

Democrat: Avery Anderson

County Clerk

Republican: Linda Duran

Democrats: Edna R. Peterson and Elaine Cárdenas

County Treasurer

Republican: Britney Bolton Richey

Democrat: Daphne Sanchez Tenorio

County Commissioner, Pct. 2

Republicans: Mike Gonzalez and Andy Hentschke

Democrats: Richard “Pepe” Cronshey, Linda Aguilar Hawkins and Michelle Gutierrez Cohen

County Commissioner, Pct. 4

Republicans: Walt Smith and Joe Bateman

Democrats: N/A

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 5

Republicans: Karen Marshall and Terry Strawn

Democrat: Sandra Bryant

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4

Republican: John Burns

Democrat: N/A

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3

Republican: Andrew Cable

Democrats: N/A

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2

Republicans: N/A

Democrats: Beth Smith and Amaya Cuellar

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1

Republican: N/A

Democrat: Maggie Hernandez Moreno

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