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Letter to the Editor

In objection to the FM 967 development

I live in Creekside Park in Buda, very close to the development you want to build that would make FM 967 even more overloaded and dangerous than it already is. I understand the need for housing in the Austin area but starting out by building on 967 in Buda is a very bad idea.  

I have gone to the P&Z meetings and City Council meetings and I know that you know how the citizens of Buda feel. I was appalled when you stood up there after all of our objections and stated that it will be built and it will cause “some discomfort.” What a thing to tell an entire town!

There have already been at least 4 newspaper articles about how bad your development will be for our little town and I think we can reach out to other media sources to explain what you are doing and your attitude about it.

Sandy Twidwell 

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